Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And so it begins...

With great anticipation, Paragon Church has had its first two Bible Study gatherings. What excitement was in the air! I am ecstatic to see God moving. I want to document this incredible journey of obedience and faith, so we can be reminded again and again of God's blessings.

I remember as a youth hearing the term "founding member" of the church. My immediate thoughts jumped to elderly men and women of the church who complained that the music was too loud and the youth were too rowdy. Now, here we are with a group of people that will soon BE the "founding members" of Paragon Church.

This picture represents a group of people that want to share the gift of Christ to the lost. These are the eyes of people that are going to see people the way Jesus sees them. These are the arms of people that are going to welcome in the unlovely. These are the hearts of people that are going to show others God's love for them.