Monday, October 8, 2012

Balloon Fiesta Thoughts

It’s that time of year again here in the 505… the ABQ International Balloon Fiesta.  My family and I look forward to getting up and watching the sky as well as the TV coverage to see all the hot air balloons going up.  There is no doubt it is an impressive display.  Hundreds of balloons litter the view with the sunrise coming up right behind them.  I have lived here for over 10 years and I can tell you the only thing better than watching it from afar is being right down on the Launch Field.

Yes, I know, the crowds can make it difficult, you might have to take more time out of your day and it may cost you a bit more ($7 for a breakfast burrito can seem a bit outrageous)… but when you get right up close your whole perspective changes.  When you are far away, you say, “Oh, that’s pretty cool” and then go about your day but when you are down on the field, you cannot help but experience the rush, feel the warmth, and see the vibrant colors right there.

I think we can say the same thing about God and our relationship with Him.  There is a huge difference between knowing God from a far and knowing Him up close and personal.  We can sit back from far away, look at what God is doing and say, “that is pretty cool” and then go about your day… OR you can get up close to Him and experience all that God is, feel that rush, the warmth, and see vibrant glory.  Sure, it may take more time out of your day, fighting the crowds may be difficult, and it will probably cost you more, but the change in perspective is worth all of that, plus more.
Today, I challenge you to get closer to God and experience Him for who He is.  It will blow your mind how different of an experience it can be from sitting back and watching from a distance.

Baptism Video (sept 16)

baptism 9_16_2012 from Paragon Church on Vimeo.