Monday, July 2, 2012

Men in Black... a fresh start

This Sunday, we continued our AT THE MOVIES series with Men in Black III.  There were some GREAT quotes that come from the movie that I had thought about using to "preach" on...  Listen to some of these

"the most destructive force in the universe... regret"
"the sky's the limit, the future is in our hands"
"the bitterest truth is sweeter than the sweetest lies"
"the truth is the only path" (hmmm, could that be taken from the Bible?)
"to understand the future, we have to go back in time"

Each one of those would have made a great sermon (and may make a sermon someday soon) but this weekend, I went with the idea of using the "flashy thing" mind neuralyzer to wipe out the junk we've accumulated and start over with just the Bible...

Take a listen at (Men In Black on 7/1/12)